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Foot Reflexology Massage

The technique used in this massage is based on the findings of an American physician
called William Fitzgerald (1872 − 1942)

On the basis of studies conducted in Indian reservations,
in 1913 Fitzgerald developed the so-called
Zone Therapy which forms the basis of todays reflexology massage. The premise of reflexology massage
is that each organ is connected via reflex lines with a
pressure-sensitive reflex point on the skin surface.
Acupressure of the pressure points is said to improve the
blood circulation of the corresponding organs.

It is a well-known fact in neurobiology that pain
emanating from affected organs is transmitted
to sensitive areas of the skin (head zones) via spinal nerves. Unlike the medical approach,
however, Thai massage only considers
the energy lines (see Thai massage)
responsible for the transmission of the pain.

For the foot massage we mix the oil with
additional essences, always carefully adhering
to Ayurvedic norms.

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