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Hot Stone Massage

You can choose to receive either our full body massage
or our back massage with the additional benefit of
hot stones. This ancient type of massage was developed
independently on separate continents and by almost all
of the world's civilizations. The term 'La Stone' is
derived from the use of Hawaiian lava flows.

The stones are slowly heated up in a water bath
and then placed on selected parts of the
patient's body. Additional, smaller stones are then
moved in a small circular motion to massage
the patient and gently stimulate his/her acupressure
points. Using penetrating energy, this type of massage
seeks to harness the thermal and energetic properties
of the minerals.

We offer exclusively those services listed on our website.

Thaimassage & Spa
August-Wolff-Str. 13
65203 Wiesbaden

Business hours:

Monday - Friday
10.00 - 18.00h

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