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The traditional Thaimassage

According to general belief, the roots of traditional
Thai-Massage can be found in India.
Thai-Massage shows a lot of similarities to Ayurvedic
teachings and also makes uses of Yoga elements.

The Massage is based on the energetic model of
the human body, which is believed to be crossed by
72,000 energy lines (Sen).
Similar to the meridians and pressure points that can
be found in Chinese medicine, the focus of
Thai-Massage is on the 10 fundamental primary lines
and their corresponding Marma points (energy vortexes).
By stimulating these pressure points for 2 to 3 seconds,
new energy is released and blockages are lifted.

The treatment is done by using the entire body:
fingers, thenar, elbows and knee enable the massage
therapist to apply efficient pressure to the body.
Therefore, Thaimassage includes frequent changes
of position: dorsal, lateral, face-down and seated
are all common positions in Thai-Massage.

Using passive Yoga positions ensure a healthy
body posture, and lifting arms and legs
improves lymph circulation.By carefully
stretching and rotating the joints,the patient's
flexibility improves only a few sessions.

In combination with the pressure point massage,
blood circulation is facilitated and respiration improves.
This leads to an increased level of oxygen saturation
and the patient enters into a state of deep relaxation,
thus ensuring effective regeneration of the entire body.

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